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Before and After

Before and After

Photos just show some of our many interventions, based on our individual approach to the patient, extensive knowledge in the field of modern dentistry, whose goal was to achieve a completely natural appearance of the teeth.


Case 1 The procedure on the central incisors in the upper jaw (1)

The teeth in the upper jaw have been rehabilitated using ceramic veneers on 2 right and left, while the left 1 got a full ceramic crowny (the dark color of the teeth was the result of the tooth devitalisation, i.e. removal of the nerve, and due to changes in the color of the composite fillings).




Case 2   The procedure on the central incisors in the upper jaw (1)

1 left is broader than 1 right because of an improperly installed composite filling. Therefore the center of the tooth set has moved to the right. The filling on 1 right one in contact with 1 left. Before the procedure, cleaning, polishing and beaching of teeth has been performed. 1 right got a ceramic veneer and 1 left a complete ceramic crown.





Case 3 Rehabilitation of teeth in the upper jaw

The teeth are worn out, the 2 left and 1 right are discolored due to the devitalisation. The entire upper jaw has been rehabilitated. Due to the loss of individual teeth the distal region has been restored with metal-ceramic bridges. 3 right is 3/4 filled with ceramic crown, 2 right, 1 right and 3 left hav e been repaired using ceramic veneer, 2 left with a full ceramic crown.





Case 4 The procedure on the central and lateral incisors in the upper jaw (1)

After completion of orthodontic therapy the procedure on the upper four incisors (ones and twos) has been performed. On 2 right an extensive reconstruction has been carried out. On 1 left the lower has been 2/3 tapered, so it has a more pronounced yellow dentin colour. Edges on 1 left and 2 are slightly worn out due to poor initial bite. 2 right received a full ceramic crown, the rest of the teeth were brushed minimally and fitted with ceramic veneers. This way we have achieved a completely harmonious smile.





Case 5 A complete rehabilitation of the upper and lower jaw

In the upper jaw the necessary extractions have been carried out and root canal treatment of other teeth in the jaw performed. The roots of destroyed teeth have been reinforced with fiber optic implants, crown parts reconstructed with the composite, reinforced with fibers. The final restoration is a combination of fixed and mobile prosthetic services or bridges with a partial denture wironit. In the lower jaw a circular metal-ceramic bridge has been implanted after the teeth restoration. Lack of bone at the front has been resolved using pink ceramics on the bridge, thus achieving a visually harmonious relationship between the length of the tooth and the gum line.





Case 4 Simple conservative intervention

Extensive amalgam seal has been replaced with a direct composite reconstruction (composite filling).




Case 7 Demonstrating a complex intervention, which was a combination of several dental specialist procedures, orthodontics, implantology and implanto-prothetics to achieve maximum aesthetic result.

First step was the insertion of braces to straighten and regulate dental sequences and create enough space for the implant at the position of the upper left second premolar. Treatment was completed with the installation of a zirconium-ceramic crown onto the implant, and a complete control of dental sets and bite relationships.






Case 7 Demonstration of an orthodontic case with highly disproportionate upper and lower jaw.

The upper jaw is smaller than the bottom jaw, so the teeth show an irregular, so-called crossed bite structure, both on the left as well as on the right side, as shown in the images below. Before orthodontic treatment, the patient could bite only with molars, as the other teeth did not get in the bite contact.

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