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20141001_145602The region of the tooth, used to crush and chew food, is called dental crown. Artificial substitute for the native crown is called crownie. Crownies come into play when a tooth crown has been damaged to a significant degree and is thus no longer able to withstand the mechanical loads, caused by chewing. Modern dentistry offers several possibilities for tooth crownies: from the classic metal ceramic to fully ceramic, achieving a perfect aesthetic appearance of the edge of the tooth crown under the gum. This way a dark border, often visible in metal ceramic solutions, that betrays right away that the tooth has been repaired, is avoided.

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20141003_151446As the name suggests, the bridges are used to bridge over obstacles. That is the places in the mouth where a tooth is missing. The bridge is anchored on two so-called abutment teeth, straddling the so-called pontic of dummy tooth, which replaces the missing tooth. The connection between the pontic and the abutment teeth´ are not always the same, but the alternative mentioned above is optimal from the point of view of the bridge stability.

Bridges and crownies can be of the classic metal-ceramic, zirconium ceramic or titanium-ceramic type – depending on the case and the wishes of the patient.




IMG_5752Prostheses are dental substitutes, used when the patient has lost a large number of teeth in the dental arch or when a significant vertical bone loss has occurred, so that the teeth lost can not be replaced by a bridge in an esthetically pleasing manner.

Partial prosthesis is anchored to the other teeth in the mouth. A full prosthesis replaces the entire dental arch and is anchored to the empty alveolar ridges.






Veneers are thin restorations, made entirely of ceramic, that are glued onto the front surface of a tooth. The use of ceramic veneers constitutes at least an invasive procedure (the tooth is ground gently) and results in the best aesthetic effect. Unfortunately veneers can not be used in every case and on all teeth. Certain technical pre-conditions must be met by the tooth in question, to make the application of a veneer possible, respectively exclude the possibility that the veneer cracks, peels off or changes color …


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