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Basic Services

Professional tooth cleaning and polishing

During this procedure hard and soft plaques are removed from the teeth, after which teeth are polished using a professional paste to become completely smooth. It is not enough to remove just the visible part of the plaque but also the plaque under the gum, that is usually not noticed by an unprofessional eye , but much more dangerous to the supportive tissue of the tooth. Therefore we strongly encourage you to see the dentist twice a year and have your teeth thoroughly cleaned and polished, as this constitutes the very basis for dental hygiene.

Patients often wonder which toothpaste is the best. Toothpaste is not as important as a good and proper brushing of teeth and massaging of gums; improper brushing can cause gum to lift and leads to hypersensitive teeth, sensitive to hot, cold, sweet etc…

We have the information and tips on brushing available for you…

Generally: Tartar is a major problem for the supportive tissue of the tooth. It causes namely inflammation, which manifests itself as bleeding gums, with chronic inflammation leading to a loss of the supporting tissue. The result is the loosening of the tooth and eventually its loss. Periodontitis can nowadays be successfully healed with microsurgical interventions, in combination with biocompatible materials. It is however necessary to recognize the disease and see the dentist, before it is too late.


Endodontics (root treatment)

Often we come to see the dentist when tooth pains have already started. This is a clinical picture of an acute nerve inflammation. Unfortunately it was already too late for a repair and a filling. Inflammation of the dental tissue has already advanced so far that the nerve was involved, so it was necessary to remove it completely, clean the root canals and fill them with a biocompatible filler that bars bacteriae in the oral cavity from entering the organism.

A sign for something happening to the pulp is not just the pain. Sometimes the pulp inflammation causes a chronic bone infection, possibly without any symptoms. It is only visible on an X-ray picture as a dark circle, called granuloma. An infection of a granuloma can cause acute periapical process, involving strong flashing pain and visible swelling.

It has been proven that dental diseases associate with diseases of kidneys, joints and heart and falling out of hair. This are characteristic clinical signs. All the problems mentioned make the quality of the dental treatment extremely important.

Quality treatment encompasses basic tools, an X-ray picture, the endometer and an experienced dentist …


Dental sealants

Caries is a disease of the hard dental tissue, evidenced by a change in the color and hardness of the tooth. Diseased tissue has to be removed and the part now missing replaced with a filling (a seal).


Gray amalgam fillings used to be the only alternative for the tooth rehabilitation. Modern dentistry has made available a large set of aesthetic (white) materials that chemically bind to the hard dental tissues, ensuring maximum binding and stability of the seal in the cavity and minimizing the hazard of cracks and of a consequent caries.

Working with composite materials definitely requires skill, experience, patience and – to some extent – an artistic talent.


Inlay / onlay / overlay fillers

When the caries has already destroyed a significant portion of the tooth and your dentist has diagnosed that after the removal of the dental caries there will be enough tissue to fix the tooth without resorting to a prosthetic crown, an inlay or overlay filler will be an ideal choice.

In contrast to conventional composite fillings they are not created directly in the mouth, but on a model in the laboratory or the clinic. This prevents the shrinkage of the composite material due to polymerization; this would happen when inserting directly into the mouth, causing a crack at the edge, where caries could eventually develop.

Generally the inlay / overlay fillers have better mechanical properties than traditional fillings. As they are created in the laboratory, they also result in a more pleasing aesthetic effect.

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Prices for information only and subject to change. In addition to the cash settlement, we also offer …

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