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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

What is Aestetic dentistry?

We can say that the concept of aesthetic dentistry involves a number of specialist dental services, used to form and shape a smile.

Today, we can make a beautiful smile possible for everyone, with the help of the knowledge and skills composite restaurative dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, implantology, paradontology, various teeth bleaching methods, using modern technology and high quality materials.

As we emphasized at the beginning, our smile affects the way we are experiencing the world around us, playing possibly a very important role in our personal and professional life …

A smile is like a reflection of our state of mind and our mood, a non-verbal positive way of communication between people, which is why the aesthetic dentistry enjoys a special emphasis in our professional work.

The times of the amalgam seal standard are long gone. When we talk about the aesthetic dentistry, however, we do not just mean doing white fillings. An appropriate color, matching the rest of the dental tissue, has to be determined for the filling, so that the tooth repair will not be evident. Furthermore, the filling should not have an appearance of a smoothed coating. To meet the aesthetics as well as the function of the tooth, the filling must match the form of the native tooth.

Composite restorations as the least invasive technique are just one of the possibilities offered by the modern dentistry. Veneers, non-metallic ceramics, ceramic cad-cam, etc. are additional options, which however can not be used in all cases. This is why we stress the importance of individual approach to the patient.



The region of the tooth, used to crush and chew food, is called dental crown. Artificial substitute for the native crown is called crownie. Crownies come into play when a tooth crown has been damaged to a significant degree and is thus no longer able to withstand the mechanical loads, caused by chewing.

Modern dentistry offers several possibilities for tooth crownies: from the classic metal ceramic to fully ceramic, achieving a perfect aesthetic appearance of the edge of the tooth crown under the gum. This way a dark border, often visible in metal ceramic solutions, that betrays right away that the tooth has been repaired, is avoided.

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Veneers are thin restorations, made entirely of ceramic, that are glued onto the front surface of a tooth. The use of ceramic veneers constitutes at least an invasive procedure (the tooth is ground gently) and results in the best aesthetic effect. Unfortunately veneers can not be used in every case and on all teeth. Certain technical pre-conditions must be met by the tooth in question, to make the application of a veneer possible, respectively exclude the possibility that the veneer cracks, peels off or changes color …


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If you want quickly and easily freshen up your smile, teeth bleaching is a good alternative.

You can very easily in less than 60 minutes brighten up your teeth and achieve a remarkable result, which will give your face a completely new look.

The procedure is safe and effective, and the results remain visible for a long time. However, if after the procedure you return to a routine of drinking tea and colored drinks, that is to the causes of the initial discoloration of your teeth, your teeth will of course change their color again.

It may happen that following the bleaching your teeth will be very slightly more sensitive, so avoid cold, hot, sweet and acidic drinks and dishes after the procedure.


dsdDigital Smile Design

The new approach, known as the »digital smile design« allows the patients to participate in the creation of their own smile. With the help of photos as a starting point for the creation of a new smile, the eventual appearance of the teeth is shown schematically, as well as the proportion of the white versa red region of the tooth / gum. A temporary model is first created in the laboratory; the patients can then put it in and decide whether they like their new look or would wish to have some changes made. The patient is actively involved in the creation of her or his smile.

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