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Specialized dental services examine the growth and development of teeth, of jaws and of the entire viscerocranial region, look for possible faults in development, for for these faults and their prevention and treatment.

Parents often wonder when to take their child for the first time to the dentist. They often have already realized themselves that there is something wrong with teething, so they turn to their dentist for an advice. Orthodontic review is best done at 7 years of age, with the optimal time to start a treatment between 8 and 14 years of age, when the growth and development are at their most intense. Of course every child is different, so some may handle the treatment well from the very beginning and some may need some time to get used to it, before they start to cooperate and assist in an effective treatment.

Of course, the condition of teeth itself influences heavily the dentist’s decision about starting the treatment.

Teeth condition and the readiness of the child to accept the treatment and wear a device are prerequisites for a successful treatment.

Looking around we can notice many adults with braces, which means that there’s no age limit for this type of treatment.

Beautiful, straight teeth are a model of aesthetics and are most often the reason why adults, too, decide for braces. There are other reasons possible as well, such as faulty teeth function, difficulties while cleaning teeth, impaired speech, etc.


Very often the orthodontics is a pre-treatment step, before prosthetic rehabilitation or surgery, and often the only option in case of a dental arch parodontitis, most often in cases of manifest protrusions; in such a case it is possible to move teeth back and consolidate them in their original position solely with the orthodontic treatment.

Today it is much easier to opt for braces because the devices, which used to be exclusively metallic and therefore very uncomfortable to the wearer, are nowadays almost invisible and extremely functional, so that scheduled controls by the dentist can be spaced at 12 weeks instead of four as before.


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