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Child and preventive dental care

Child and preventive dental care

The first (milk) teeth start to grow already during the first months of life. Children change their diet, mashed food gets replaced by larger and more solid meals, more energetic and as such very important for the child’s growth and development.

It is often believed that milk teeth are not that important as they are replaced by permanent teeth. This kind of thinking is completely wrong. Each milk tooth has its own time and role in the child’s mouth.


A milk tooth, lost too quickly, can cause permanent defects in the permanent teeth bite. Milk teeth are a kind of a place holder for permanent teeth. The most common example of a premature loss of milk teeth are molars. Since the chewing surfaces of these teeth are wider and more uneven, it is easier for food to stick to them.

Parents should pay particular attention to washing the teeth of their children and motivate their children to adopt the dental hygiene as a positive habit.

Back teeth are otherwise difficult to access for cleaning, so children often lose patience when it comes to wash them. All this, however, causes caries to appear. For this reason it is very important to take good care of milk teeth and keep them healthy and to repair any teeth already attacked by dental caries. Teeth are namely a prerequisite for good digestion, while being extremely important to the proper growth and development of jaws.


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